Laws of Form fonts and parsers
The following resources have been produced by members of the Spencer-Brown community in response to the need for Laws of Form fonts and parsers
If you want to use single-level notation in a Word document, there's a basic TrueType font you can download and copy to your Fonts folder.
Contributed by Leon Conrad
If you want to generate expressions as images, check out
and the related parser here.
Contributed by Akiem Helmling
A very versatile open-source code parser which can incorporate html characters and more can be found here.
Contributed by Kevin German
Ralf and Gitta Peyn's iForm emerged
from discussion about LoF
but is distinct from it.
Designed by Ralf and Gitta Peyn
An example of nested notation rendered in html can be seen on Thomas McFarlane's (archived) website.
Contributed by Thomas McFarlane
An early approximation attempt for historical purposes can be found here.
Contributed by Sebastian Ploenges
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